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    Mighty Matos!

    by ~ March 26th, 2012.

    Have you heard of grafted tomatoes?  Potters is going to have them this season!  We have set up a ‘pre ordering’ system for those who are so excited they don’t want to miss out. Please come in to any Potters location to pre pay for your Mighty Matos!

    Mighty Matos yield up to 4 times more fruit than the average tomato plant.  Amazing!

    If you are excited about the MIGHTY MATOS, then head on down to your nearest Potters store to pre pay for yours. They are going to be very popular this season because they are brand new to the market. We do not have limitless numbers available so pre ordering is recommended!


    Here’s what people across the country are saying about SuperNaturals Grafted Vegetables:

    Mighty ‘Mato tomatoes… The plant industry has finally started to do to tomatoes and some other vegetables what it has long done with certain trees and shrubs: graft them. The plant you want is on top, while below ground are the harder-working roots…Bart Ziegler, Wall Street Journal

     This is going to change the way Americans grow tomatoes… John Bagnasco, GardenLife Radio Show

    Strong, healthy plants do not require the aid of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, making them ideal for organic gardening! Steve Goto, Tomato Expert

    Mighty ‘Matos soar onto the market this spring with, as the name suggests, the muscles of a superhero. Here come grafted tomatoes to save the day, or at least the wimpy crops of our favorite– and most frustrating — vegetable…Kym Pokorny, Oregonian

    Within a few years, grafted vegetables will be widely available for U.S. home gardens. And believe me—you’re going to want to grow these plants…Mary-Kate Mackey, Hartley Botanic

    It’s not a gimmick. Grafting really does make beautiful plants because they’re so abundantly healthy…. It’s become a worldwide movement because grafting produces more food with less chemicals on less acreage…Alice Doyle, Log House Plants in the Seattle Times

    If you’ve got difficult spots, get more frost than the rest of the county, deal with nematodes and other soil problems, find yourself a grafted tomato and plant one this year. I think you’ll be pleasantly pleased with the sturdy and abundant nature of these plants…Cindy McNatt, Orange County Register

    ..the Hercules of vegetables… Val Easton, Seattle Times

    Heirlooms are often weak and disease-prone, especially in challenging climates, so grafting them onto disease-resistant rootstocks with greater tolerance for seasonal temperature variations makes sense…Georgeanne Davis, Maine Free Press

     It’s so embarrassing to be an American gardener who can’t ripen tomatoes, so having grafted plants available is a huge gift…Ann Lovejoy, Garden Rant


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