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    TV Gardening Shows

    by ~ August 26th, 2008.

    When you have 3 children (like I do) your only free time starts at around 10 pm. That’s when I have time to sit down and watch some mind-numbing  T.V.  Through the years I’ve watched my share of bad landscape and garden renovation shows. I’ve sat through hours and hours of hosts demonstrating how to redo your back yard for ten bucks and how to finish in a day.  Let’s be realistic, if this was true wouldn’t we all be living in the gardens of Versailles? What we honestly need is the horticultural version of Mike Holmes (the guy from Holmes On Homes)… he or she needs to come in and set precedence in the industry and demonstrate proper building/ designing practices. There is no way that a 5,000 square foot home should only have five plants lining its monstrous exterior… or, for gosh sakes, an Emerald Cedar as the only specimen tree!!!! I’ve included an example of a poorly landscaped house below… YIKES!!

    Don’t get me wrong, there are some TV show exceptions… one being Matt James’s Urban Outsider (also look for his old show The City Gardener ) . Matt has a great eye and is able to utilize the space to its full potential. Check this out for more info:

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